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Silent No More



Pope Francis kisses a young girl as he leaves his general audience in St. Peter’s Square Oct. 29. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

** taken from Jerome Lejeune’s Foundation website where there is a wealth of knowledge**   Ever since Eléonore was born 24 years ago, people have often asked me: “But why? Did you not know you were carrying a child with Down Syndrome? Did they not do an amniocentesis test?” At the start, I’d reply, “No, […]

I Am Joshy



The Drop Box


Sometimes God uses particular people to get his simple message across and this has definately happened on this occasion.  We have already posted about the Pastor in South Korea who has built a box in his home to allow babies who are unwanted or for any reason needy, to be left in a box annonomously.  […]

**A reminder to all the lovely ladies coming to our St Margaret’s Ladies Lunch on 22nd November 2014.  The venue is Christ the King Church Hall, KingsPark – not the Iniaitive hall!

Following on from the last post on the recent Humanum Conference we found a talk by the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, that he gave during the conference which makes some excellent points on the importance of marriage for children and the good of society.  It is great to have a non-Catholic, prominant figure giving some clear […]

“The thing is, IVF is as expensive, but in our eyes it’s much more risky. We were told that the chance of us getting pregnant was 5 per cent, whereas for adoption the success rate is 95 per cent. It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? And there are children who need families, and we need a […]

A Hand to Hold


Maybe we can be that person, for a mum with a crisis pregnancy?