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We have tackled the difficult subject of rape and abortion many times on this blog but today I came across an aspect of this topic which left me speechless.  Let me tell you that doesn’t happen often! An American woman, Shauna Prewitt had rejected abortion after being raped at the age of 21 and later […]

The BBC had a report online the other day  regarding Marie Stopes clinic concern over the number of repeat abortions women seem to be having in Britain.  They interviewed one particular woman who gave her name as Lisa.  Her tragic story was about the fact she had had 4 abortions in her late teens and early twenties […]

Defying expectations of people who believe that people with people with disabilities should’ve been aborted…

It was with great joy and anticipation that Srs Andrea and Roseann joined other pilgrims in Rome yesterday to witness the cannonisation of a Pope who has a special affection for us in The Cardinal Winning Prolife Iniaitive.     St. John Paul II was famous for his courageous promotion of life and the family, bringing the message of […]

Not a Mistake


    “My child, aspire continually to God, by brief, ardent upliftings of heart; praise God, invoke His aid, cast yourself in spirit at the Foot of His Cross, adore His Goodness, offer your whole soul a thousand times a day to Him, fix your inward gaze upon Him, stretch out your hands to be […]

The following is a viral letter from a father to his second son, who passed away half way through his wife’s pregnancy. This piece was originally posted on the blog Life of Dad, and has since gone viral. Dad writes that the pregnancy seemed normal, until he got the phone call that changed it all. […]

A song of one couple’s journey from misunderstanding of God’s gift of children to a full understanding of the joy and beauty of LIFE.