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I am pro-life because of information. I was pro-choice because of lack of information…. This is not to say everyone who is pro-choice lacks information. There are people right now working in clinics whose job it is to count the body parts and make sure there are no arms or fingers or heads left inside […]

Here’s a story that teaches the gift of life, even if that child is only given to us for a short time with all the suffering that comes with loving a child completely and then saying goodbye.  Some people in favour of abortion would advocate allowing a woman to abort her baby when she is […]

Yesterdays report saw  an Irish dentist who was 17 weeks pregnant when she miscarried and died from septicemia.  The headlines in todays newspapers plus various websites are assuming she would have lived had she had an abortion and consequently there is alot of publicity from the pro-abortion proponents in Ireland and Britain about the Irish Abortion […]

Sister Andrea spent a happy afternoon yesterday with people from Crossreach in Bridgeton.  They have been working hard knitting some beautiful baby blankets for the Initiative and made a presentation to Sister during her visit. There was great banter, yummy cakes (always popular with Sister!) and tea a plenty.  Sr happily chatted away to many […]

‘If I’d known in advance that I was going to have a Down’s baby, I would quite possibly have had a termination,’ she says. ‘Now I see his beauty and personality shining so brightly, and hope that the more people see Seb, the more I can change people’s negative ­perceptions of Down’s. The above quote […]

Monastic Talk


Fr Benedict Hardy from Pluscarden will be speaking at Glasgow chaplaincy on Tuesday 13 November.  He will be talking on monastic life.

Statute Needed


We have had an amazing chap helping us at the Initiative recently by the name of Greg.  One of the many jobs he managed to achieve while he was here was building a Marian shrine at the top of the grassy hill next to the centre.  The statute we had in mind to go into the […]

This image of Our Lady, named The Black Madonna is currently travelling around 23 countries to show support for traditional family and life.  It will arrive at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh on Monday November 12, travel to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes at Carfin for Tuesday  November 13  and then visit St Andrew’s […]

It’s a Girl


Although the re-election of Barak Obama may not seem to effect us here in the U.K. very much the opposite  is true.  Having followed the lead up to this election through various prolife websites aswell as through newspapers and various commentators it was clear that Mitt Rommney was not the strongest candidate and certainly from the […]