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Here at the Prolife Initiaitive, we are always dealing with women who are unexpectedly pregnant.  Unplanned, unexpected and sometimes unwanted.  People map out their lives and believe that these plans will evolve as directed with no back up plan to what they might do if this doesn’t happen.  God usually has other directions for our lives. For fathers, it can […]

According to Catholic News Agency, this is the exchange that took place between little Nathan de Brito, age 9, and the Vicar of Christ, his Papa: “Your Holiness, I want to be a priest of Christ, a representative of Christ,” de Brito whispered in the ear of Pope Francis July 26, after jumping hurdles and […]

Wise Words


**The question of whether The Church, society or prolifers should accept that rape makes abortion justifiable comes up in almost every discussion, conversation and debate that I witness and it seems it will never go away as long as abortion is legal.  Life is life.** I have what many people would call a “rape […]


These photos sum up the strength of support for Pope Francis and The Church and all it proclaims!  In these times when the Catholic Church is criticised from all directions, it is heartening to see how many young people were willing to attend and witness to Christ.  Pope Francis full sermon can be read at […]

St Martha


Saint Martha was the sister of Mary and Lazarus.  When she received the Lord as a guest at Bethany, she looked after him with devoted attention.  She begged the Lord to raise her brother, Lazarus, from the dead. “Jesus loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus.” This unique statement in John’s gospel tells us of the […]

Saint James, son of Zebedee and brother of Saint John the Apostle, was born at Bethsaida.  He was present at most of the miracles peformed by Christ and was put to death by Herod around the year 42.  He is especially honoured at Compostela in Spain, where his body is enshrined in a sanctuary, famed […]

American prolifers are still reeling from the recent trial of the late term abortionist, Gosnell and all that was revealed during the trial regarding the way he killed unborn babies right up until the day they were due to be born.  However as often happens – good can come out of evil events and this […]