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Silent No More


There has been so much air space given to the news that the United Nations Population Division has predicted that today 31st October 2011 the 7th billion child will be born.Not surprisingly this news has been greeted with talk of overpopulation and solutions to it so it is important that we counter any of this […]

Please pray for Catherine, a young girl who is feeling suicidal.

Prayers please


Your prayers are requested for Shannon please who is considering an abortion.  Sr Roseann is going to visit her tomorrow and talk with her.

For those in the world who want to eradicate babies with Downs Syndrome there can never be too many tests for pregnant women that allow doctors to detect them in the womb. ; The Times newspaper announced last Saturday that the latest test which is non invasive is nearing completion and will shortly be ready for […]

Following on from the last post “What a smile!” we thought it would be great to fill in the story of who this beautiful boy is and why the photo came to be put on Facebook in the first place.  The whole story is at and is a great read.  It just reinforces the reality that […]

School Resource


Found this short drama <a href=”; target=”_blank”><iframe src=”;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&#8243; width=”508″ height=”286″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe>on the Right to Life website. It’s used as a resource in schools.

What a smile!


I found this beautiful photo on Life site news thought it would brighten your day!  The assistant editor John Jalsevac writes this to accompany the photo, Joshua Mercer over at just posted this amazing photo of a Down syndrome child holding a sign declaring: “I am the 10%”. The slogan is in reference to […]

Late Abortions


In the pro-life arena it is amazing to discover how many stories are not given the publicity they deserve and this story is a prime example.  Although this story was originally printed in the Sunday Times (10.10.11) it got very little prime time airspace. The Pro-Life Alliance has highlighted the story which shows how women can […]

Sr Roseann travelled east last Tuesday to St Columbas Church in Edinburgh to give a talk to the Tuesday Club about the work of the Initiative.  The group gave Sr Roseann a donation and also received a donation of £84.30 from a couple of coffee mornings that took place in the parish.