Leona Lewis Stands Up for Downs Syndrome


There are so few “superstars” that are ready to set themselves apart from the trendy, easy going views society has that abortion is acceptable.  It can mean a possible downturn in their career or even a loss of status in the celebrity world.  For people where image can be everything, it is a huge chance to speak out for those with no voice, ie the unborn!



 For Leona Lewis, a past X Factor winner, these dangers to her profile didn’t seem to matter when she recently sang at a fundraiser for The Global Downs Syndrome Foundation Gala in Washington D.C.  She had photos taken with people with downs syndrome who were attending the gala and was happy to answer the question on camera regarding the fact that most pregnancies where downs syndrome is diagnosed are aborted.

This witness from someone in the public eye, with many fans across the world will tell it’s own story of prolife witness and moral values.

For us, it is so fantastic to see a successful woman in the spotlight standing up for a disability that is misunderstood and discriminated against in the most inhumane way; with their lives.

Read and watch Leona here, http://cnsnews.com/news/article/lauretta-brown/leona-lewis-abortion-down-syndrome-babies-hurts-my-heart


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