Tragic Re-Election News


Although the re-election of Barak Obama may not seem to effect us here in the U.K. very much the opposite  is true.  Having followed the lead up to this election through various prolife websites aswell as through newspapers and various commentators it was clear that Mitt Rommney was not the strongest candidate and certainly from the prolife perspective he fell well short.  Obamas re-election means that his anti-life policies can continue unabated and encourages politicians in Britian to pursue similar policies. 

John Smeaton from S.P.U.C. has written a hard hitting posting on his blog which is worth a read.   He points out that if the Catholic Church in the U.S. had been more outspoken in its highlighting of the Democrats position on abortion and other anti-life issues then perhaps more Catholics would have voted against Obama.   Instead we are left to watch America slide deeper into an abyss where the womb is the most dangerous place to be.

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