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Life site news has reported some good news in the harrowing but courageous story of Chen Guangcheng, the Chinese human rights activist who among other things brought the worlds’ attention to the forced abortion situation in China.  He was put under house arrest and during this time, the Batman actor, Christian Bale, tried to visit […]

Prayers Needed


Please pray for a 17 year old girl, A,  who is pregnant and has an abortion booked for tomorrow.

Strong In Faith


Sr Roseann will be speaking at a conference for young Catholics in this Year of Faith on 16th November 2012.  There are three sections to the day with various speakers talking on the topics of; Between Heaven & Earth, The Church in the World and Growing in Holiness.  Spaces are limited so the organisers are […]

Grand Total


Our latest Grand Clothes Sales was a huge success last Saturdayand we want to express our thanks to all those who supported us.  We made a total of £947.74 which is going to go along way in helping vulnerable women and their children.

If only motherhood were valued more in society then bearing a child might be seen as more of a privilage than a burden. by Dr. Donald DeMarco Blessed Virgin Mary with Jesus According to a Jewish proverb, “God could not be everywhere, so He made mothers.” This is a fine, enduring sentiment. I do think, […]

This is what we call semantics and using euphemisms to hide the truth, brilliantly summed up in this blog posting. by Susan Michelle Tyrrell   A tragedy in Brooklyn Saturday reminds us again of what even the most pro-abortion rights advocates know is true: an unborn baby is a baby.  Vindalee Smith, 38, was eight months […]

Babe Unborn


 “By the Babe Unborn”                         by G.K. Chesterton                 If trees were tall and grasses short,                   As in some crazy tale,                 If here and there a sea were blue                   Beyond the breaking pale,                                 If a fixed fire hung in the air                   To warm me one day through,                 If […]

The name of one of the biggest abortion clinics in the world, Marie Stopes International will, I’m sure be very familiar to you.  However did you know that they are about to open their first clinic in Belfast shortly, to the absoloute dismay of the pro-life movement in Ireland and the rest of the U.K.  You […]

 St David Lewis   Saint Richard Gwyn, a school master from Montgomeryshire, and Saints John Jones, Philip Evans, John Lloyd, David Lewis, and John Roberts all priests or religious, died for the Faith between the years 1584 and 1679.  They are commemorated on this day in Wales, along with the hundreds of English men and […]

Faith Forum


This months Faith Forum is on Sin.  It takes place at Turnbull Hall, University of Glasgow Chaplaincy on the 24th October at 7.30pm.  All Welcome