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Wishing all our supporters and readers of this blog a sincere happy & holy Christmas and peace in 2013. …and here’s a little video to bring a smile to your Christmas festivities.

Mary was a little scared, but she trusted God PRO-LIFE QUOTE OF THE DAY: “By today’s standards, Mary would have been a prime candidate for an abortion. The abortion-leftists of America fight tooth and nail for teenage girls to get abortions without anyone finding out and without having to pay for them. Had Mary lived […]

How Ironic


What an irony that these words of President Obama regarding the tragedy of the Sandy Hook killings could be applied without changing any letter to the situation that allows a child to be legally killed in the womb every 3 minutes. What if this ardently pro abortion President of the U.S. woke up to the fact […]

This little clip from one of the recent audiences with Pope Benedict shows the true blessing of motherhood.  Here, Valentina Vezzali, an Italian Olympic athlete humbly asks for a blessing for her unborn child.  She goes on to demonstrate the importance she sees in conceiving this child and how this is a greater achievement than her Olympic […]

I Like Adoption


Adoption is a subject that in my experience is not always treated with the respect it deserves. It is put forward as a second class option or as something that can leave lasting damage.  But adoption can be a life changing option for so many children and young adults who have been born into families […]

We’d like to offer our huge thanks to the East End Deanery Choirs who gave a lovely Christmas carol recital  at St Thomas Church, Riddrie yesterday on behalf of The Cardinal Winning Prolife Initiative.  The Sisters thoroughly enjoyed themselves. **Just heard this event managed to raise £1000!  Many thanks**

As we prepare to welcome Jesus into our homes and our lives, as a little baby in the manger lets hold in our hearts all those unborn babies who have not been welcomed but aborted and just as importantly their mothers who are hurting.  Here is a story heard before in many other ways, of […]

He Came…


He came as a baby so that every baby may come PRO-LIFE QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Advent focuses our minds and hearts on the Second Coming of Christ. At a time nobody knows, He will return to earth, separate good from evil entirely, and publicly judge every person who ever lived. All the good we […]

Once again we have a brilliant piece of writing from Pope Benedict to guide us this season.  He cuts through all that is happening in the world and identifies what is most important at the moment.   The threat to human life and marriage.  His words as ever are incisive and inspiring to those who fight […]

We’re friends with the REAL Saint Nicholas–the Catholic bishop who lived in the 4th century, whose generosity served as a model for Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Sinter Klaus, and all the other secular knock offs. With multiple weekend Masses, you can go to church AND still sleep in on Sunday morning. Our kids don’t need […]