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Being told your child has a disability is devastating, but discovering that the disability will mean a short life and then being expected to take up the option to abort can be so hard for a couple to handle.  Time and time again we find stories that stop and show us how God gives these […]

Here’s a great article to mull over as the recent stories involving the de-humanisation of people with Down’s Syndrome increases.  We must keep waving the flag in favour of life for all!  We must keep talking to our friends, neighbours and family about the evil that is present in society’s belief that we can and […]

Thank You Lord


** a mother’s prayer after losing a son** Thank you, Lord, for the gift of my children, those who are living and those who reside in heaven with You. While we can’t know Your ways, we know that You are merciful and loving and that you take care of those who call out Your name. […]

Simon was a simple Galilean, a brother of Jesus, as the ancients called one’s close relatives — aunts, uncles, first cousins; he was one of the Saviour’s four first cousins, with James the Less, Jude and Joseph, all sons of Mary, the wife of Alpheus, or Cleophas, either name being a derivative of the Aramaic Chalphai. The latter was […]

Claretian archbishop and founder. Anthony was born in Salient in Catalonia, Spain, in 1807, the son of a weaver. He took up weaving but then studied for the priesthood, desiring to be a Jesuit. Ill health prevented his entering the Order, and he served as a secular priest. In 1849, he founded the Missionary Sons of the […]




Litany of Humility

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