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Clothes made for babies who are miscarried or stillborn. A beautiful gesture to give proper human dignity to babies who have died in the womb.

Saying Goodbye

25Aug15 On Saturday 19th September, 11.00 am at Glasgow Cathedral in High Street there will be a Saying Goodbye service for all parents who have lost a baby. It is organised by the Mariposa Trust whose core objective is to support people who have lost babies at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in […]

Some pictures say more than words ever can and this is certainly one of them.  A baby miscarried at 7 weeks and born completely intact shows us and the world the true humanity of this tiny child. As the family relates about their miscarried son David: “I had a miscarriage on Palm Sunday last year. […]

Thank You Lord


** a mother’s prayer after losing a son** Thank you, Lord, for the gift of my children, those who are living and those who reside in heaven with You. While we can’t know Your ways, we know that You are merciful and loving and that you take care of those who call out Your name. […]

*Please publicise this event which is so worthwhile and an ethical alternative to IVF*  

The following is a viral letter from a father to his second son, who passed away half way through his wife’s pregnancy. This piece was originally posted on the blog Life of Dad, and has since gone viral. Dad writes that the pregnancy seemed normal, until he got the phone call that changed it all. […]