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Let Them Live!




*taken from*   THE DIFFERENCE BEING BORN MAKES Thirty weeks I’d been around And still no-one really wanted me Just for myself, as I was. Not my dad; He’d just said “Get rid of it” When my mother told him, “It’s me or it.” She hesitated, And he walked out. Out of her life […]

The abortion debate is full of euphemisms!  Why can’t people speak properly about what it’s all about?  The legal killing of tiny human babies for many complex reasons. This article from gives us an insight into what pressure can be brought to bear to parents when they are not looking for an abortion.  It demonstrates how […]

*taken from* Pope Francis spoke out against abortion and euthanasia in Cuba yesterday, criticizing disregard for human life in two separate addresses. “Children aren’t loved, they’re killed before being born,” the Holy Father told a group of young Cubans in Havana. “The elderly are thrown away, because they don’t produce.” The pope also took […]

This story has been circulating on the internet and is truly amazing from so many view points.  For us it shows clearly (if we didn’t already know!), that a mother has such a strong bond and connection with her baby that she has carried in her womb that the sound of her baby’s cry is […]

The term “incompatible with life” which is used with any prenatal diagnosis is inaccurate and hurtful.  Every life Count or ganisation has a campaign to halt the use of this term.

This is what we speak up for and stand out from the crowd for.

Thank You Lord


** a mother’s prayer after losing a son** Thank you, Lord, for the gift of my children, those who are living and those who reside in heaven with You. While we can’t know Your ways, we know that You are merciful and loving and that you take care of those who call out Your name. […]