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Then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis

It’s not often we hear from men after an abortion and that’s tragic,  because it perpetuates the notion that abortion is a “woman’s issue” and therefore men are not entitled to an opinion or most importantly to influence whether their child lives or dies!

Men have no legal right to prevent a woman going through with an abortion and their voices are not heard in the wider abortion debate which is so wrong.  A child’s life has been equally conceived by both the mother and father, therefore the decision should be a shared one.  Society needs to allow men to be fathers and “man up” to this responsibility and support for the mother and child, then perhaps we can move towards women rejecting abortion as a solution.  Here’s some food for thought from a man’s point of view.

This extract is taken from an article in Esquire magazine in March 1990, written by Mark Baker titled “Men on Abortion”.


He says: “I’ve had a hell of a time dealing with it, actually. To this day I still think about it. I’ll go to bed, and I’ll think about it and say to myself, ‘Man, what a terrible thing to do. What a copout. You don’t trade human life for material niceties.’ Which is what I was doing, because I was hoping for a better future, more goods I could buy.”

Despite trying, he was unable to deny his baby’s humanity:

“I don’t have a good rationalization for that either. I’m not one of those people who believes that it’s only potential life. I’ve come to believe more and more that the baby in the womb is just that – a human life. I wish I didn’t. I wish I could make myself believe differently, but I can’t. It would make it easier to deal with mentally. When you have the opposite view and you go through with the abortion anyway, well that’s worse than anything.”

His grief is compounded by the fact that he was the one who convinced his partner to abort. Therefore, he feels mostly responsible:

“So, you see, I’m kind of stuck. She did it for me. I feel that I murdered somebody. I wish I could do it over again. If I could just go back in time and relive those years. If she’d had a child, even if we got married and everything, it wouldn’t have been that bad. I’ve seen other people do it. Reality is such a bitch sometimes, you know?”

Loved By God


Pope Benedict XVI (Philip Chidell /

“Every human being is loved by God the Father. No one need feel forgotten, for every name is written in the Lord’s loving Heart.” (Pope Benedict XVI, Twitter, January 30, 2013)

Every now and then we come across a story which gives you hope that ordinary people in the world know what’s right and wrong,  instinctively and are prepared to shout it out.  A Chilean woman, <strong>Bernardita, </strong>publicised  her situation, that her precious unborn child, Jose was not expected to live long after birth because he had  anencephaly, she gave a strong message to the world that life should always be valued and protected no matter how long or short.  Bernardita’s  story is heart warming because while we have people like this who will not be cowed into choices that are anti life, we can live in hope that the world will see the preciousness of the unborn child and fight for that life.

How cool are they??  It is amazing to see that when an individual thinks outside the box, like this trainer has done, what can be achieved for those in our society who are viewed with pity instead of the potential of what they can actually do.

Scroll down the Facebook page to May 18th post to have a treat ….

You don’t know where the path is going to go, but if you stay on the journey and get to the place of acceptance where you can appreciate every minute, you will look back with joy,”

These are the words of a mum who went against advice of her doctor to abort her child that has Trisomy 18 and has gone on a journey of discovery with her daughter who is now 15 years old.  Her daughter has taught her how to live truly each day with joy and acceptance.  Her story has so much to teach us and the rest of society.

When doctors talk about viability it is usually in regards to when a life can be extinguished.  If a baby is going to die in the womb because there is something seriously wrong, let’s do what we can medically to help and not decide we are are going to end this life because we’ve been told it’s for the best or our life might be inconvenienced!

Read the full story here

I regularly come across stories of pre-natal diagnosis which discovers that the developing unborn baby has some sort of disability.  Often before the news can be digested by the parents, abortion is offered as the “solution”.  That’s the world we live in now, that any sign that a baby is not “perfect” what ever that is, has to be aborted.

Fortunately, we also live in a world where people go against this advice because they already love this unborn baby and recognise that sometimes doctors can be wrong either completely or about the severity of the disability, but also about the potential of this baby.  That’s the amazing thing about the human race – we constantly surprise the world by what we are capable of and I am sure that this little girl in this particular story will lead a fulfilling life despite her difficulties because her parents are willing to fight for her and love her.  Let this story inspire us to fight for every child who has a prenatal diagnosis.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. - John 10:10

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