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Jimmy Carr


We wanted to highlight this story that was printed in yesterdays’ Sunday Telegraph so that everyone is aware of Jimmy Carrs’ taste in jokes.  It is not the first time that jokes about children and adults with learning disabilities have been the focus for popular comedians.  Words fail us as to the level of bad taste that is […]

Steve Jobs


There has been much written about Steve Jobs, both when he was alive and also since he died recently from cancer and the fact he was adopted has been much discussed. Pro -life sources have quite rightly pointed out that the world must be thankful Mr Jobs’ mother did not abort him as the technological […]

Advent Bazaar


Our annual Advent Bazaar is almost upon us and the centre is becoming a hive of activity as we get organized for all the different stalls that need setting up. Donations for the bazaar (see previous posting on the details) are still most welcome and can be brought on the day as well. The bazaar […]

We had a lovely group of sixth formers from St Benedicts High School visit us on 16th November here at the Initiative.  They represented the new pro-life group  in the school and came to see how the Initiative works and what we do.  They are keen to recruit new members and raise the profile of pro-life […]

From the tenth century onwards veneration for St. Catherine of Alexandria has been widespread in the Church of the East, and from the time of the Crusades this saint has been popular in the West, where many churches have been dedicated to her and her feast day kept with great solemnity, sometimes as a holy-day […]

Amazing Video!


You must pass this video on to anyone and everyone!  It is wonderful and shows so much more than we usually see in terms of the development of the unborn baby and the wonder that takes place.

Jamie Foxx


We’re always looking for positive, feel-good stories which remind us that no matter how despondent we may be encouraged to feel about the abortion situation in the U.K. and abroad there are always surprises out there.  Well, just out of a discussion in the office today we came across a photograph of American actor and […]

Medical Bungle


It is quite sad to read this  story which reflects societys’ assumption that if a woman is carrying a baby where there is something wrong,  then the offer of an abortion would quite understandabley be taken up.  The idea that a woman might consider the possibility that she would continue with the pregnancy despite this […]

The Letter


John Smeaton, the Director of SPUC publicised on his blog, a film by a young student film maker,  Caitlin McInnis this week who has made a film out a letter written by a woman had an abortion 10years previously.  It is amazing to hear the powerful words expressed by the writer who hasn’t written it […]

Clemens Romanus was born in Rome in Italy during the time that the Christian faith was being spread and Christians were being persecuted by the Roman Emperors. He is believed to be of Jewish descent and a freeman of Rome. He worked as a tanner during the early part of his life. He was then […]