Cardinal Winning


As many of you will be aware, the Pro-Life Initiative was launched by
the late Thomas Joseph Cardinal Winning on Mothers Day, 9th March 1997,
in order to help provide a caring, Christian response to anyone faced
with a crisis pregnancy, from whatever background or faith.

His sudden and unexpected death four years later on Fathers Day, 17th
June 2001, left many people throughout the United Kingdom and around the
world deeply saddened. Many people contacted the Pro-Life Initiative to
express their sorrow and, without exception, each had a story to tell.
Indeed many had several stories to tell concerning times when they had
personally spoken to the Cardinal. All these people had one thing in common:
they were proud of their Cardinal. One woman described him as ‘a man for
all seasons’, testimony to the fact that he remained faithful to the preaching
of the Gospel ‘in season and out of season’.

Shortly before his death, he was asked what his vision was for the Pro-Life
Initiative. He replied ‘I am pleased with the work being carried out and
I would like the Initiative to stand against all attacks on life by the
“culture of death”, from abortion to capital punishment’. He
was keen that our work should help to promote a ‘civilization of love’.

The task we all face is to ensure that the work – so inspirationally
begun by him – continues.

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