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Prayers Please


The other day we asked for prayers for a very ill unborn baby. Thank you to all who have been praying. Could we ask that you keep this baby and his mum, who has gone into very difficult labour, in your prayers. The doctors say that the wee one won’t survive and we indeed need […]

The Herald interviews a few voices behind the Don’t Stop a Beating Heart Campaign. Our very own Sr Roseann is amongst those interviewed, as well as John Deighan, CEO of SPUC Scotland and Margaret Cuthill, Coordinator of ARCH in Scotland. ‘Under no circumstances is abortion okay – even in cases of rape.’ – Inside Scotland’s […]

*taken from*   THE DIFFERENCE BEING BORN MAKES Thirty weeks I’d been around And still no-one really wanted me Just for myself, as I was. Not my dad; He’d just said “Get rid of it” When my mother told him, “It’s me or it.” She hesitated, And he walked out. Out of her life […]

It is surprising to see the online section of The Daily Mail newspaper supporting the Irish campaign change the law on abortion in Ireland.  Usually this newspaper has some excellent prolife articles which are frequently referred to on this blog.  It is a worrying change and demonstrates how the situation in Ireland is under pressure from […]

When women are given a prenatal diagnosis of disability it can be huge shock and alot of support and advice is needed as well as information.  This story  gives us the very real reaction mothers can have, in this case finding out the diagnosis is Downs Syndrome.  Fear of the unknown is the first reaction […]

Main stream articles about children born with Downs Syndrome can often show us how society in general view children with disabilities.  Therefore it was so heartening to read this articl   in the Daily Mail which shows us that this family have welcomed their twin boy, Josh with the same love they show to their other […]

Lose The Label


As a mother of my own Rory, this story touched me and stayed with me.  We need to read, share and learn from these stories of unconditional love in the face of pressure to abort. The blessings and witness in these situations are immense and teach us the value of all human life.

** We never get tired of reading up to date articles on the issue of prenatal diagnosis which as we know leads to abortion for the majority of women and their babies,  if the test is positive.  For those babies with Downs Syndrome,  it is almost always a death sentence.  Mother’s who have chosen life […]

Saving Down syndrome would like to invite expectant parents, whose baby was diagnosed with Down syndrome, to its new closed group.There are many people in this group that have been there, have a child with Down syndrome, or have an interest that can be of great service. We’re here to offer support to soon to […]