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Saint Andrew was the brother of Saint Peter and is regarded as the first of the twelve apostles. Like Peter, Andrew was a fisherman from Bethsaida in Galilee. Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist who had followed Jesus on John’s recommendation. According to a New Testament account: Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one […]

In case you didn’t understand what all the non reporting of what Planned Parenthood has been found doing last summer, here’s a brilliant video telling you everything in their own words.

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Since The Cardinal Winning Prolife Initiative first started in 1997, we have been fortunate to have received many, many kind donations which have sustained the initiative through the ups and downs of the helping women with crisis pregnancies. However, we have now reached the point when we are struggling to cope with the donations of clothes and […]

Born about 1045, died 16 Nov., 1092, was a daughter of Edward “Outremere”, or “the Exile”,and by Agatha . Margaret came with her father to England after the conquest of it by the Normans.  Her mother, Agatha decided to return to the continent but a storm drove their ship to Scotland where King Malcolm 3rd […]

What an amazing day at our 3rd annual St Margaret’s Ladies Lunch! No less than 140 amazing ladies attended today for a great three course lunch and two fantastic talks. Jacqueline Stewart spoke so eloquently on the Family and Sr Andrea touched our hearts by explaining a little about the Rachel’s Vineyard retreats. It was […]

News from Ireland on the prolife front is not good these days.  The fight to keep abortion out is intense and ongoing as the pro abortionists try everything and I mean everything to bring abortion across the water.  As well as keeping this situation in our prayers it is good to keep up to date […]

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Everyone who advocates abortion for rape needs to see this video!