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Good Friday


On Good Friday, the entire Church fixes her gaze on the Cross at Calvary. Each member of the Church tries to understand at what cost Christ has won our redemption. In the solemn ceremonies of Good Friday, in the Adoration of the Cross, in the chanting of the ‘Reproaches’, in the reading of the Passion, […]

Maundy Thursday


HOLY THURSDAY is the most complex and profound of all religious observances, saving only the Easter Vigil. It celebrates both the institution by Christ himself of the Eucharist and of the institution of the sacerdotal priesthood (as distinct from the ‘priesthood of all believers’) for in this, His last supper with the disciples, a celebration […]

      The Scottish contingent for March for Life 10th March 2013. Read more at

This video from Godtube shows what can be achieved when a family believes in life.  When parents are given a diagnosis which points to a short life for that unborn baby, there is only one choice!  To keep loving, protecting and fighting for that life – no matter how short. The problem is that this […]

Earlier, in February 2005, he chose to celebrate the Mass for Holy Thursday in a maternity hospital in Buenos Aires, where he washed the feet of 12 expectant and new mothers. Before he washed their feet, he told them that “Some of you are holding your babies in your arms. Others of you are carrying […]

The moral ramifications that are revealed take some getting used to and this programme aired in New Zealand present them well.  The man speaking latterly, Mike Sullivan founded which we’ve featured before and together with the other the family  featured present a strong, coherent voice against genetic testing which leads to abortion.  All the issues […] The U.K.’s Ed Sheeran, who became an overnight sensation with his chart-topping song The A Team, has touched listeners with another tune from his album “+” (Plus) carrying a surprising pro-life message. In a story-telling set of lyrics, the song, Small Bump, conveys the journey of a pregnancy with a surprise ending from the unexpected […]

  World Down Syndrome Day is March 21! Help us create awareness of that by sharing this video leading up to, and on World Down Syndrome Day! The 2013 IDSC World Down Syndrome Day video, brought to you by the International Down Syndrome Coalition, featuring the song “Who I Am” written and sung by Sarah […]

More   “We live in a culture in which condoms can be handed out in schools and Bibles can’t. And I think that tells you everything you need to know about our society.” (Dr. Janet Smith)