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Fantastic news (that managed to be omitted by the main press, unbelievably) that an abortion bill going through the Irish Parliament,  that would have allowed abortion up to birth, to save the life of the mother has been defeated!  Not only that but it was defeated spectacularly accompanied by comments of an MP Michelle Mulherin who blamed […]


Sometimes in the midst of fighting for life it is useful to have reassurance and words of wisdom to keep us focussed and inspired and Pope Benedict does this beautifully in his address recently to the Pontifical Academy for Life which can be accessed at pope-benedicts-address-to-the-pontifical-academy-for-life-assembly-on-infer and is well worth a read. Indeed it is a duty of the moral […]

1504 – 1572  Pope from 1566-1572 and one of the foremost leaders of theCatholic Reformation. Born Antonio Ghislieri in Bosco, Italy, to a poor family, he labored as a shepherd until the age of fourteen and then joined the Dominicans, being ordained in 1528. Called Brother Michele, he studied at Bologna and Genoa, and then taught theology and philosophy for […]

Today, 30th April 2012 is the last day for anyone to contribute to the consultation of Margo Macdonalds’ Proposed Assissted Suicide  ( Scotland) Bill.  Here is the link, Final_version_as_lodged.pdf to read over the proposal. Then go to the questions at the end, email your responses, numbering your answers to the questions.  The email address to use is * […]

Stand For Life!


    Dear Sir,   You report the BBC’s plans to broadcast from an unnamed abortion clinic, featuring “interviews with women undergoing terminations and doctors and counsellors” (‘BBC show to air live from abortion clinic’, Telegraph, April 24, 2012). The BBC insists it will be ‘”robust and challenging”‘. However, its track record on such issues […]

We often hear of how a picture, conversation, film or event can change a person’s mind for ever.  This photograph, below is one of those life changing pictures.  If you know of anyone who believes that an unborn child is not human and therefore worthy of our protection pass this posting on.     Read […]

Katie Spicers’ pain is quite clear throughout her article “I’m Childless at 42 and Haunted by the baby I aborted at 18”.  We read of the circumstances that led her to abort her 9week old unborn baby and her life since.  Im-childless-42-haunted-baby-I-aborted-18.html She writes movingly.  From a prolife point of view one hopes that the article will […]

The Independent revealed today that Radio 5’s Victoria Derbyshire is going to broadcast a programme bbc-to-tackle-taboo-with-live-radio-show-from-abortion-clinic-7669133.html  from a British Abortion Clinic in the near future.  The intention, however is not to deal with any of the difficult issues that arise from doing this but to speak to the people who work there and provide an insight into […]

The Death Count


As we approach the significant date of the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act on the 28th April, this article by Heidi Miller brings home the significance of what we are marking.  Let us never forget all of the babies killed by abortion all over the world. Just how far-reaching is the impact of abortion […]