Irish Abortion Bill Defeated


Fantastic news (that managed to be omitted by the main press, unbelievably) that an abortion bill going through the Irish Parliament,  that would have allowed abortion up to birth, to save the life of the mother has been defeated!  Not only that but it was defeated spectacularly accompanied by comments of an MP Michelle Mulherin who blamed “fornication” as the single biggest cause of unwanted pregnancies.  The Paradise Post reported her comments,

 The 40-year-old Fine Gael deputy employed the archaic term in the Dail in relation to the vote on a bill to allow abortion in Ireland to save the life of the mother. The Private Members’ Bill on abortion was rejected by 109 votes to 20.

“In an ideal world there would be no unwanted pregnancies and no unwanted babies. But we are far from living in an ideal world,” Deputy Mulherin said.

“Abortion is murder, therefore sin, which is the religious argument, is no more sinful, from a scriptural point of view, than all other sins we don’t legislate against, like greed, hate and fornication. The latter, being fornication, I would say, is probably the single most likely cause of unwanted pregnancies in this country.”

Precious Life, an Irish prolife movement reported this significant victory for unborn babis everywhere.  Thanks be to God!

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