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Call Me Maybe


VIRGIN MARY “OF THE SIGN”, 15TH CENTURY, MEZQUITA CATHEDRAL, ANDALUSIA CORDOBA, SPAIN In his Apostolic Exhortaion entitled Vita Consecrata (March 25, 1996) John Paul II has a thought provoking quote from St. Augustine: “Beautiful is God, the Word with God … He is beautiful in heaven, beautiful on earth; beautiful in the womb, beautiful in his parents’ arms, beautiful […]

An emotional, raw video of a little girl’s life of 33 days that was so cherished by her family but not recognised by the medical profession before or after her birth.  This is the situation that many parents find themselves in when they continue with their pregnancy after being told their baby has some sort […]

Here’s a great website showing another way to be prolife.  Using all their talents, people have created handmade items and sell them on a website committed to upholding the sanctity of life.   Our mission is to build up a Culture of Life through the work of our hands. We hail from all walks of […]

The story of the Olympic gold winning swimmer, Jessica Long is quite amazing.  Born in Russia, but adopted and brought up in Baltimore with a big family,  she has always wanted to win.  The fact she has no lower legs has not stopped her being the best in her chosen field.  A  film crew followed her as […]

Here’s a video that demonstrates the beauty of a pregnant woman and the life growing within.  

Prolife Mass


We celebrated another wonderful mass together last Wednesday with Fr Andrew Garden, the prolife cause.  Below is his sermon. Please join us next month on Wednesday 19th March at Our Lady of Consolation Church at 7pm. In tonight’s first reading we hear St James describing the beautiful, intricate, living relationship between faith and good works, […]