Jessica’s Story – The Long Way Home


The story of the Olympic gold winning swimmer, Jessica Long is quite amazing.  Born in Russia, but adopted and brought up in Baltimore with a big family,  she has always wanted to win.  The fact she has no lower legs has not stopped her being the best in her chosen field.  A  film crew followed her as she went back to Russia for the Sochi Olympic Games, and met her biological parents at the same time.

She has set 4 world records in 2011 and was voted female disabled swimmer of the year by Swimming World Magazine and has become the face of the Paralympics.  Jessica  is a shinning example of what can be achieved when a person is valued and loved for who they are. 

The problem is that when babies who are disabled and in their mother’s womb, society says they have no value and can be aborted.  Swing forward to the future and when they sometimes win Olympic medals, we heap praise quite rightly, but forget the negative words from before.  Why can’t we see the innate value of every human life from the moment of conception instead of only valuing them when they win medals?

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