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We give thanks for all those of you who prayed for a 14year old girl, pregnant and considering abortion.  She has cancelled her abortion appointment and is thinking of keeping her baby.  Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers at this fragile time.

This posting struck a chord.  It seems so many people are unaware of the serious abominations that go on in our society in every nation across the world and do nothing to speak up or do anything to try to stop these evil acts such as abortion, I.V.F. and euthanasia.  Now is the time sums up […]

 SPUC International Pro-Life Youth Conference, 22-24 March Please encourage young people (16+) to come to SPUC’s 6th International Pro-Life Youth Conference, the only pro-life conference of its kind in the UK. This conference has proven a huge success every year and has made an important contribution to renewed pro-life efforts by young people around the […]

Pope Benedict joined with many figures in publically supporting The March for Life in Washington which occurs annually , this year marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade which legalised abortion in America. He said, “I join all those marching for life from afar, and pray that political leaders will protect the unborn and […]

Prayers Please


Please pray for a 14year old girl who is pregnant and under tremendous pressure to abort her baby.   Also please pray for a woman who had an abortion last week due to the fact the baby was disabled. Thank you

Every now and then the debate in the media re-emerges concerning whether the abortion time limit should be moved from the current law of 24 weeks.  In todays online Daily Mail health section there is a story about a couple who delivered twin boys prematurely at 23weeks gestation.  They survived and are thriving and yet […]

  The birth-year of Thomas Aquinas is commonly given as 1227, but he was probably born early in 1225 at his father’s castle of Roccasecea (75 m. e.s.e. of Rome) in Neapolitan territory. He died at the monastery of Fossanova, one mile from Sonnino (64 m. s.e. of Rome), Mar. 7, 1274. His father was […]