Time Limit for Abortion? I Don’t Think So.


Every now and then the debate in the media re-emerges concerning whether the abortion time limit should be moved from the current law of 24 weeks.  In todays online Daily Mail health section http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2268815/UK-abortion-limit-Born-23-weeks-twins-modern-medicine-marvel-raise-questions-laws.html there is a story about a couple who delivered twin boys prematurely at 23weeks gestation.  They survived and are thriving and yet babies are allowed to be aborted up until a week later legally.

Pam Glover the mother of the twins has realised the irony of her situation and is struck by this and comments,

 ‘For us now, the idea that it’s possible to abort a child up to  24 weeks – older than Cameron and Mackenzie were – just doesn’t bear thinking about.

For us, though there is much more to be said.  The aversion to thinking that babies who are similar ages to her twins are killed every day by abortion in the U.K. should lead Mrs Glover to question the morality of killing unborn babies.  Not just when is the best time for the babies to be killed?  We’ve written before at societys’ dual view of the need for abortion when really the starting point is why do we think that killing a child solves any of  the womans’ problems?  It doesn’t.  Her problems remain after the abortion that led her to the operating table.
The only good that can come of this sort of debate is that it might lead to a re-vote on the abortion issue rather than rehashing of which week is the best to kill our children.

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