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We’re just reminding everyone that the SPUC Youth Conference 2015 is almost upon us.  It is happening next month 6th – 8th March and the line up of speakers is fantastic.  Anyone from the ages 16-35 is welcome and sponsorship is available. Please contact SPUC and ask for Rhoslyn. Meanwhile here’s a clip from last year’s […]

“…there is no element of the common good, no morally good practice, which a candidate may promote and to which a voter may be dedicated, which could justify voting for a candidate who also endorses and supports the deliberate killing of the unborn, euthanasia or the recognition of a same-sex relationship as a legal marriage. […]

Lent 2015


“We can think of Lent as a time to eradicate evil or cultivate virtue, a time to pull up weeds or to plant good seeds. Which is better is clear, for the Christian ideal is always positive rather than negative. A person is great not by the ferocity of his hatred of evil, but by […]

Gender Abortion


An article in yesterday’s Telegraph newspaper by Alastair Kent, Director of Genetic Alliance UK demonstrates what can happen when people believe that abortion can “solve” the problem of disability. Yesterday, MP’s were voting on amendments to the Serious Crime Bill tabled by Fiona Bruce MP that would allow abortion on the grounds of sex.  She […]

The term “incompatible with life” which is used with any prenatal diagnosis is inaccurate and hurtful.  Every life Count or ganisation has a campaign to halt the use of this term.

This is what we speak up for and stand out from the crowd for.