Radio 5 Abortion Clinic Programme


The Independent revealed today that Radio 5’s Victoria Derbyshire is going to broadcast a programme bbc-to-tackle-taboo-with-live-radio-show-from-abortion-clinic-7669133.html  from a British Abortion Clinic in the near future.  The intention, however is not to deal with any of the difficult issues that arise from doing this but to speak to the people who work there and provide an insight into a clinic.

This sounds alittle naive and we can reserve judgement as to whether the programme will help the pro-life cause in any way.  It would be brilliant if Ms Derbyshire could share with the public some of the issues that the prolife cause have difficulty with, such as the lack of independent counselling that is offered to women before they make the decision.  Or the lack of independent information as to what will happen in an abortion and what her baby looks like at the stage she is considering an abortion.

Whether Radio 5 can actually be factual without being bias remains to be seen but when the time comes let our voice be heard for all those babies whose voice has been silenced in these clinics and hospitals.

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