Is The Pain Not Enough?


Katie Spicers’ pain is quite clear throughout her article “I’m Childless at 42 and Haunted by the baby I aborted at 18”.  We read of the circumstances that led her to abort her 9week old unborn baby and her life since.  Im-childless-42-haunted-baby-I-aborted-18.html She writes movingly.  From a prolife point of view one hopes that the article will conclude with the message that she regrets her abortion.  Her father gives her these words of advice,

‘You have not conceived since your teens, despite not using contraception for some time, which would suggest you are not very fertile,’ he said.
‘Your only choice is to enter what I perceive as the dubious world of  fertility medicine.

‘More than 40 years in medicine have left me with a disgust for the absurdity of terminating perfectly viable life in  the obstetrics department while down the corridor, in reproductive medicine, life is being forced into the bodies of women who are past their child-bearing prime.’

My father concluded: ‘However, I think you would make a very good mother. I might add that there are thousands of children who need adoptive parents

 Ms Spicer takes us through the heart wrenching issues that she has lived with since her abortion; pain, regret, guilt, infertility and yet, and yet, she would still advise her 17year old god-daughter to have an abortion if she was pregnant!  Pro-lifers hold up cardboard placards proclaiming that women regret their abortion.  Katie Spicer regrets her abortion, but she has not reached the logical end of that regret that abortion is not a soloution. Not for Ms Spicer, not for her god-daughter, not for any woman!

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