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WYD Concert


This July, Sr Andrea will be one of the leaders of a group of pilgrims who are heading to World Youth Day in Krakow – many of whom are volunteers for the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative. In order to make this pilgrimage a reality – the group need to raise funds for travel and accommodation […]

We are so happy to join in the wishes sent to John Deighan and send him our warm CONGRATULATIONS!   Mr John Deighan, Chief Executive of SPUC Scotland , has been honoured by the Holy Father by being made a Knight of Saint Gregory. This is in recognition of his work for the Bishops’ Conference […]

The story of the death of Cecil the lion,  springs to mind!  A lot of people got very upset over this lion’s death but believe the right to kill unborn children is completely right and just,  all in the name of “freedom”.  We beg to differ!

*taken from* Pope Francis spoke out against abortion and euthanasia in Cuba yesterday, criticizing disregard for human life in two separate addresses. “Children aren’t loved, they’re killed before being born,” the Holy Father told a group of young Cubans in Havana. “The elderly are thrown away, because they don’t produce.” The pope also took […]

As our Sisters of the Gospel of Life attend the Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this week we pray for everyone attending and for many fruits and blessings to emerge from it.

Pope Francis spoke with an American audience who were in difficult living conditions, one of whom was a single mother and this is how he responded to her, Thank you, Rosemary, for your testimony. I want to tell you one thing. I know it’s not easy to be a single mother. I know that people […]

Let’s pray to this great prolife saint, for strength and inspiration to continue the journey of eradicating the world of abortion.

      The pontiff observed that protecting the person involves encountering and sustaining those in need of protection, a responsibility which extends “from the center toward the peripheries.” “At the center, there is Christ,” the Pope said, and it is from “this centrality that you are directed toward the various conditions of human life.” […]