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40 Days for Life has had an amazing first day! First of all, it was a miracle in itself that the lesser spotted sun came out to shine upon todays team! People on site said that it was very peaceful and prayerful and they were overwhelmed by the support given by the public. People were […]

SPUC Scotland has announced that Forty Days for Life (where a prayerful vigil is held outside places where abortions are done for 40 days), is to start for the first time in Scotland starting in Lent 2016, ( February 10th – March 20th) in Glasgow. Vigil location: Outside of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Hardgate Road […]

Evidence grows of the damage abortion creates as the years roll on of legal abortion throughout the world.  How much evidence do we need before we realise that asking a woman to abort her baby in the name of freedom and choice can never lead to happiness?   This article is taken from   […]

Journey to Life


Sometimes I watch a video which moves me and I want everyone to watch it, feeling sure it would change even the most hardened pro-abortionist mind.  This testimony demonstrates how easy it is to be persuaded that an abortion will solve all your problems.

The story behind the photograph of the little boy washed up on a beach has dominated the news this week.  At mass today out priest spoke about it and how he hoped it would change government’s minds about the refugee crisis that has been ongoing all summer for Britain and other countries.  Of course Britain […]

Let’s pray to this great prolife saint, for strength and inspiration to continue the journey of eradicating the world of abortion.

Belatedly (this story broke while this blog was on holiday), a brilliant reflection on how our society values animals above humans by Fr Fleming, taken from John Smeaton’s blog.

We always find it extremely moving to hear post abortive women talking about their abortion experiences because the pain and regret is clear to witness.  This video is very effective whilst being very sad at the same time.    

Silent No More


Chen Guangcheug, the Chinese human rights activist has written a stunning piece for The Witherspoon Institute drawing attention to the human rights abuses that continue to exist in China.  What is so amazing about Mr Guangcheug is that he continues to speak out so eloquently despite the threats to his own safety and his family.  For the international prolife […]