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In case you didn’t understand what all the non reporting of what Planned Parenthood has been found doing last summer, here’s a brilliant video telling you everything in their own words.

Evidence grows of the damage abortion creates as the years roll on of legal abortion throughout the world.  How much evidence do we need before we realise that asking a woman to abort her baby in the name of freedom and choice can never lead to happiness?   This article is taken from   […]

I’m sure you have read all about Planned Parenthood, the American abortion providers being exposed of selling aborted babies parts for research.  There are videos on the internet showing the evidence but for most of us this will be too horrific to contemplate watching. However, the topic of whether it is right to gain some […]

You might have got the impression that China has relaxed it’s one child policy which has operated since the 1970’s but Reggie Littlejohn from Women’s Rights Without Frontiers assures us it is continuing and is complaining to the UN Commission On the Status of Women.  Read the details below,

Next month there will be a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat in Scotland for people who are in need of healing due to an abortion decision. These weekend retreats can be very powerful and definitely aid the healing process for women and men hurt by abortion. With just over a month until the next one, would you […]

Silent No More


The BBC had a report online the other day  regarding Marie Stopes clinic concern over the number of repeat abortions women seem to be having in Britain.  They interviewed one particular woman who gave her name as Lisa.  Her tragic story was about the fact she had had 4 abortions in her late teens and early twenties […]