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Prayer Requests


These women have all been in touch with us over the past week. They desperately need your prayers. As well as prayers, we are supporting them in whatever way we can. Please pray: For K, who is 14 weeks pregnant and whose child has been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. She is under great pressure to […]

As Celine Dion mourns the death of her husband last week, it is good to remember her story and it’s link with the prolife cause.  Perhaps you don’t know that Celine Dion’s mother went to see her local priest to see if an abortion was an option as Celine was her 14th child.  The full […]

The Herald interviews a few voices behind the Don’t Stop a Beating Heart Campaign. Our very own Sr Roseann is amongst those interviewed, as well as John Deighan, CEO of SPUC Scotland and Margaret Cuthill, Coordinator of ARCH in Scotland. ‘Under no circumstances is abortion okay – even in cases of rape.’ – Inside Scotland’s […]

The title of this post I borrowed from a writer from The Catholic Herald, and it may seem a bit strange.  However as well as trying to help pregnant women who have crisis pregnancies, we also reach out to women who have had an abortion and are looking for help.  The following article, shows […]

Although this video could be accused of being sentimental, over the top or maybe just plain awful, in some respects, I believe it strikes at the heart of the abortion issue.  If women knew and could hear the signs of human life of their unborn child and know how much each child loves, then abortion […]

Book Review


** By Frances Philips Catholic Herald** A book produced by the deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research in Toronto: Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women, by Angela Lanfranchi, Ian Gentles and Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy. Its focus is on abortion generally, rather than the eugenic abortion of disabled babies – “life not worthy of life” you might […]

When will society listen and warn women of the psychological, emotional and physical risks of having an abortion??   *taken from Mercatornet*