Repeat Abortions?


The BBC had a report online the other day  regarding Marie Stopes clinic concern over the number of repeat abortions women seem to be having in Britain.  They interviewed one particular woman who gave her name as Lisa.  Her tragic story was about the fact she had had 4 abortions in her late teens and early twenties aswell as giving birth to a daughter.

“I thought that if I could tell my story, maybe young women would think twice about having sex without contraception, or sleeping with guys they don’t really know,” Lisa said. “I want to tell other women that abortions aren’t just something you should do. It could change your life.”

This whole issue of multiple abortions is not hard to understand when it is viewed from the abortion providers point of view so perhaps the abortion industry should read this blog.

Although most women view abortion as a “necessary evil”, they are unwilling to change the behaviour that leads to the pregnancies.  Even if their contraception fails, women often continue to have casual sex with men who they would not want to have children with.  This casual approach to sex leads to a casual approach to unwanted pregnancies.

Abortion is presented as a clinical operation, which is quick easy and most importantly not involving any loss of life.  Women are not shown any ultrasound or any heartbeat if they opt for an abortion so many women are unaware of the real life within them.

The most important aspect of why women come back for multiple abotions is that abortion is presented as the easy, simple option that will solve all their problems.  The abusive relationship.  The lack of money. The breakdown in a relationship.  The job insecurity.  It doesn’t.  All these problems remain after the abortion which is why women come back for another abortion when these problems continue.

What Marie Stopes clinics and other abortion providers need to let women know who enquire about abortions,  is that abortion takes a beating heart, a small baby’s life and therefore the decision is enormous and a decision that will effect a woman for the rest of her life.  Encourage her to be courageous and brave and to give life.


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