Abortion for Rape?


**The question of whether The Church, society or prolifers should accept that rape makes abortion justifiable comes up in almost every discussion, conversation and debate that I witness and it seems it will never go away as long as abortion is legal.  Life is life.**


I have what many people would call a “rape baby.” But I despise that term. He is a miracle. I almost lost him so many times because if pregnancy complications, but God has big plans for this little guy! When it happened… When he was conceived.. It wasn’t a pretty situation. I was trying to turn away from a life style if partying and drinking. At 22 my life was not going anywhere. I was trying to pull my life together, get a better job, get on my feet. One night I accepted a beer from someone I thought was my friend. That’s one of the last things I remember. Next day I woke up, confused, sick to my stomach, pounding headache, I couldn’t remember anything. All I could think was, I was driving, I wouldn’t have had more than A beer. I managed to locate my pants and my purse. Then quickly realized I don’t know where my car was.. Fast forward 2 weeks. I was in for a rude awakening. I was pregnant. Everyone told me to abort, nobody would blame me for it, I was in no position to raise a child. I found a Christian organization called Mercy Ministries and they took me in free of charge and helped me my entire pregnancy. Hardest and best thing I could have ever done! My decision to keep my son was not welcomed into happy arms by my family though. At all. I knew going into it I would very very alone. But I didn’t care. He was my baby. And every kick and nudge from him reminded me I was not alone at all. God was with me and I had my baby. He changed me. I knew the moment I held him for the first time my life had changed forever. I enrolled in college when he was a newborn and went back to school. I slept an average of 3-4 hours of sleep a night for over a year and finally graduated on the president’s list. All of it for him. I wanted to give him the life he deserves. Now he’s a big brother, he’s smart, energetic, kind hearted, my little monkey, a gymnast, and full of life and personality. Now he’s finishing the summer preschool program and about to start kindergarten. I’m so proud of him! He’s such a loving little boy. And he encourages me when I have my own homework and studying, I’m back in school to get my BA in accounting, then onward for my CPA. He’s my inspiration, him and his little brother. Notice how none of my decisions were affected by how he was conceived? Ya.. Cause its a non issue. He deserved life not despite of the fact he was conceived from a non consensual sexual encounter. No. He deserved life BECAUSE he is a child of God, just like every other baby conceived. And looking at him, he’s perfect, nobody would ever know how he came about. So next time someone says a woman should abort a baby conceived out of rape, show them this picture. Miracles happen every day, and God can take even the most evil acts and turn it into something beautiful. My beautiful little boy.

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5 Responses to “Abortion for Rape?”

  1. 1 bodycrimes

    It’s good that you turned an ugly situation around and now have an outcome that gives you joy. You also had a choice. What do you think about children who have been raped and forced to bear children before they themselves are physically or emotionally mature? (Like the recent case of the 11-year-old in Chile.) Do you also have the right to speak for them?

    • 2 gospeloflife

      You are right rape is an “ugly” situation because the perpetrator doesn’t get punished, on the whole but if the resulting child is aborted then the “evidence” of the rape is erased and nothing changes. Also, abortion is another violent assault on the woman. So if a woman can see that the child can be a positive outcome of an awful situation then perhaps this can help with the healing process so yes there can be “joy” from this ugly situation. Children give alot of joy, even if they are conceived through rape.
      Obviously, we don’t agree with children being raped(and conceiving children), but the answer is not to abort the babies of the rape away but to deal with how this awful situation occurs.! Conception from rape is extremely rare and our work we don’t come across it often at all, but daily deal with women who are contemplating abortions because their personal situations are dire and they need practical help. We speak for all aborted babies who have no voice and for those women who feel pressured into abortion by their situations and peers.

      • 3 bodycrimes

        Look, I can respect all your arguments (though I disagree with them), except this one… “then the ‘evidence’ of the rape is erased”.

        I’ve seen that argument used by pro lifers before and it’s an incredibly ugly and immoral one – that somehow a pregnancy is necessary ‘evidence’ that a crime took place and abortion is akin to evidence tampering.


      • 4 gospeloflife

        Thanks for getting back so promptly, it’s good to discuss this really difficult area. I am not saying that the pregnancy from rape is just evidence, but that aborting the baby (who is the innocent party aswell as the mother) doesn’t help anyone. Firstly it doesn’t help the mother who remembers the violent assault. It certainly doesn’t help the baby who is killed and it doesn’t help convict the rapist who can happily continue to inflict his crime on other women. Conviction for rape is extremely rare. Aborting the baby just adds to the violence on the woman and makes sure she has nothing positive from an awful situation. Surely, we can find a better soloution than killing the child for the crimes of its father?
        Pam Stenzel is someone conceived through rape and is a great advocate in this area.

      • 5 bodycrimes

        You put the rights of the unborn over the rights of the mother. That’s a perfectly valid argument. I don’t agree with it, but I respect it.

        But here’s the thing – none of us can second guess the reaction of a woman in this situation – even someone who’s been through it. You can’t extrapolate your own experience to every other woman’s. There are women who might, given time, embrace the child. Who might even, one day, be glad it happened because it left them with a much loved child.

        There are others for whom living with a daily reminder of a violent crime might be a horror. For those women, getting rid of the baby and not having to think about the rapist again would be an extremely positive outcome. So deciding whether abortion is moral or not on the basis that a woman will eventually learn to love the baby is a non starter.

        Plus it’s also incredibly paternalistic and patronising for one set of people to decide how women in general can, or should, feel about a situation.

        Ultimately, the question has to stand or fall on whether abortion itself is justifiable.

        Likewise, whether the rapist does or does not get away with the crime is irrelevant. The question is – is abortion OK or not?

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