Black Madonna Pilgrimage



This image of Our Lady, named The Black Madonna is currently travelling around 23 countries to show support for traditional family and life. 

It will arrive at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh on Monday November 12, travel to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes at Carfin for Tuesday  November 13  and then visit St Andrew’s Cathedral in Glasgow on Wednesday November 14th  before leaving for the North of Ireland.

The details of both evenings at Carfin and St Andrews’ Cathedral are;

5.30pm Eucharistic Adoration

6.30pm Bendediction

7pm Mass & entrance of the icon.

After mass there will 3 fifteen minute talks given by Joe Livingston, Mary Doogan and Sr Andrea Fraile,  after which there will be veneration of the icon.  The only difference to the schedule at St Andrews Cathedral is that we only know one of the speakers will be John Deighan  after mass.

The Initiatives’ Confraternity of St Joseph are hoping to attend the Carfin visit of this Marian icon and pray with other prolife pilgrims. 

In the cities the icon has visited so far, the members of the pilgrimage team prayed for the family and the unborn, participated in TV and radio broadcasts, and conducted master classes for pro-life activists.

The icon will finish its journey at Fátima, Portugal, near the Atlantic Coast, before the end of the year.

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