Bishop Devine Speaks Out


It’s not often that we hear such out spoken, defiant statements in the media  from a Bishop on the topic of abortion.  It opens them up to abuse and vitriolic criticism which makes the real meaning of their message hard to hear.  But speak up they must for if the Catholic Church does not stand up and make sure the message of life and love is heard on behalf of the unborn then the over whelming message of choice and rights dominates.


Bishop Devine is to be applauded for his interview in The Scotsman which was made after two Christian, prolife demonstrators were aquitted after being arrested for unfurling a banner showing aborted foetuses.  Whether you agree that these images are useful to the prolife debate is another question, what it is clear is that the opportunity must be taken to put facts across about the realities of abortion.  The question must also be asked as to why those in favour of abortion are so against images of what abortion does to the unborn child being displayed?  As Bishop Devine says,

 If we cannot face the pictures, how can we conceive of endorsing the reality?

Perhaps it is down to information ie. images being a powerful way to communicate what the actual reality is of an abortion !  Perhaps if women knew that abortion kills a developed child with a beating heart then they would not go through with the abortion?

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