Girls Club


Our Saturday Girls Club continues…

a hive of activity

Our usual format involves a discussion followed by a craft activity and then a game. Our last session began with a discussion of our favourite saints. In discussing why we like them and how they inspire us – because they loved God and did His will, because they carried out good works, etc – we moved onto the gifts of the Holy Spirit and then to the qualities we value and the things that are important to us like love, joy and kindness.

Clare's beautiful bracelet

We even managed to incorporate this into our craft activity by making our own bracelets. Then we moved onto our game!

it's raining coloured balls

The game (of our own invention!) was great fun basically involved chucking lots of balls down from the stage where the teams were waiting to catch them…

ball game

it's mine I saw it first!

we didn't win - but we did have fun

Our next session will be an outing, the venue yet to be decided. We’re really enjoying these sessions – it’s great to see our girls learning, praying and having fun together and the club continues to go from strength to strength. More news next time!

2 Responses to “Girls Club”

  1. 1 leanna macqueen

    What age do the girls have to be to join and what time is it on?

    • 2 gospeloflife

      Sorry Leanna, our girls club folded about 18 months ago due to lack of numbers of regular girls who could committ to the club.

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