Trusting Your Instincts


When a woman is pregnant and is told by doctors that her child has a disability abortion is always suggested, strongly as the solution.  The trust we have in the doctors looking after us is usually complete and so we trust that they are right and that they know best.  But they don’t.  Abortion is not the answer and doctors can be completely or partially wrong about the disability and the most important thing is to trust your instinct as a mother of that child that is completely dependent on you for it’s life.

This is what happened to Laine and Iain Stooke when they were given a diagnosis of severe disability of their third child, but the fantastic news is that Laine trusted her instincts against her better judgement and turned away from the abortion offered only to find that their little girl, Miley was free of any disability.  Praise God for stories like these but we still need to emphasise that even if the doctors diagnosis had been correct, abortion is still not the answer.

Mrs Stooke said: 'It was a waking nightmare. We agonised every minute over what to do - and every time I felt her kick inside me, my heart broke'

That is the most difficult part to tell parents.  Even though your child may be disabled, their life is valuable and worthy of love and they are still your child.

Read the whole story of the Stookes and pray for those children who’s parents thought abortion was the answer.

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