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A truly sad decision for unborn children occurred last week.  Here is SPUC’s take on the situation and what the future might hold for abortion legislation.   BELFAST 30 November 2015: The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), the UK’s leading pro-life organisation, says that the ruling by the High Court that Northern […]

Hang In There!


Everyone who advocates abortion for rape needs to see this video!

Conceiving a child through rape is one of the most difficult issues, in the abortion debate.  It divides people and raises the temperature of any exchange of views.  Many people see it as the dividing line in the whole issue and cannot accept that in these most difficult of circumstances, that the baby must live. […]

This story demonstrates so many wonderful points about being prolife and the fruits that it can bring for a woman, a family and a community. Enjoy this good news story!

Save The 1


We have tackled the difficult subject of rape and abortion many times on this blog but today I came across an aspect of this topic which left me speechless.  Let me tell you that doesn’t happen often! An American woman, Shauna Prewitt had rejected abortion after being raped at the age of 21 and later […]