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Today is Thursday 31st May 2018, six days after the devastating results of the Irish abortion referendum and it’s only now that I feel able to put pen to paper to try and describe how I and so many other feel about what happened in Ireland. On so many levels it was a devastation, to […]

We are deeply saddened by the result of the Irish Referendum on the 8th Amendment. Here’s what ‘Save the 8th‘ campaign had to say about the result, which was in favour of repealing the 8th amendment: “The 8th amendment did not create a right to life for the unborn child – it merely acknowledged that […]

The people of Ireland will take part in a referendum on Friday 25th May regarding amending the constitution to allow abortion. Please pray for Ireland and for a successful ‘no’ vote and that their unborn children continue to be safe in their mothers’ wombs. There are some parishes holding prayer vigils tomorrow, for the cause of […]

Vote No


Urging all those in Ireland to ‘Vote No’ tomorrow.

Please encourage friends and family in Ireland to use their vote to save the 8th. If you the right to vote in Ireland, please go home to ‘Vote No’. In the video below, Sr Roseann calls for action to save the 8th amendment!    

Below is a letter written in response to an article in the Irish Independent. The article said that ‘Restrictions don’t reduce abortion rate’ and can be viewed here: Dear Sir The issue of abortion has long been be-devilled by distorted statistics.   Prior to the passing of the Abortion Act 1967, it was being widely promoted […]

News from Ireland on the prolife front is not good these days.  The fight to keep abortion out is intense and ongoing as the pro abortionists try everything and I mean everything to bring abortion across the water.  As well as keeping this situation in our prayers it is good to keep up to date […]

It is surprising to see the online section of The Daily Mail newspaper supporting the Irish campaign change the law on abortion in Ireland.  Usually this newspaper has some excellent prolife articles which are frequently referred to on this blog.  It is a worrying change and demonstrates how the situation in Ireland is under pressure from […]

The Irish situation regarding abortion and the rights of the unborn child seem to be under attack constantly.  Today’s recent article on shows the full extent of how much bullying and pressure is being exerted on Ireland to step into line and offer the liberal abortion options to Irish women.  It is hard […]

**taken from SPUC’s blog** Last Tuesday, a pro-abortion private member’s bill was defeated in the Dáil (the Irish Parliament) by 104 votes to 20. The Bill, introduced by Clare Daly TD (pictured), of the Socialist Party, was defeated by 104 votes to 20. The bill was designed to allow abortion in the cases of […]