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*taken from SPUC Scotland**   By Rachel McKenzie Posted December 18, 2015 Andrew Waters loved to dance, and swim.  He took part in drama groups.  He was loved by his family and friends.   At 51, Andrew, like many people with Down Syndrome, and without it, he had the onset of early dementia.  So he […]

There perhaps are some people here who are unaware that Amnesty International abandoned their prolife stance a few years ago.  It wasn’t a big news story for most people, but for those in the prolife movement, it was huge!  For an organisation of such stature and longevity and such good work to abandon that part […]

JW Whitehead,(The Second American Revolution,pp. 118, 1982, David C. Cook Publishing Co) “When Hitler determined to exterminate the Jews, some German humanists objected on the basis of the sanctity of life and of natural justice, Hitler simply defined the Jews as less than fully human, and his critics were anesthetized. If the Jews were not […]

Chen Guangcheug, the Chinese human rights activist has written a stunning piece for The Witherspoon Institute drawing attention to the human rights abuses that continue to exist in China.  What is so amazing about Mr Guangcheug is that he continues to speak out so eloquently despite the threats to his own safety and his family.  For the international prolife […]