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Srs Roseann & Andrea will be attending next month’s Meeting of Families in Philadelphia which looks like being an amazing event.  Here’s the prayer we are asked to pray for it’s success

What a fantastic video for all parents to be and all those parents struggling sometimes.  Let’s hear it for trying to be the best parents we can be!

Saving Down syndrome would like to invite expectant parents, whose baby was diagnosed with Down syndrome, to its new closed group.There are many people in this group that have been there, have a child with Down syndrome, or have an interest that can be of great service. We’re here to offer support to soon to […]

Let’s hear it for all the fantastic dads out there who love their children from the very moment they discover their existence and are great role models for them.  Happy Father’s Day 🙂

It’s not politically correct, it’s not trendy and it certainly won’t go down well with liberals, but the facts released from the NHS reveal that married women are more likely to keep their babies than unmarried ones.  Here’s how SPUC reported the news, London, 9 June 2015, Figures released by the NHS reveal that marriage […]

It’s not often we hear from men after an abortion and that’s tragic,  because it perpetuates the notion that abortion is a “woman’s issue” and therefore men are not entitled to an opinion or most importantly to influence whether their child lives or dies! Men have no legal right to prevent a woman going through with an […]

We have commented on previous occasions that often the man’s voice in abotion situations seems to get lost and we don’t hear about the fall out from a man’s perspective.  That’s why it’s great to come across this American pastor who has had the courage to admit that he agreed to his girlfriends abortion when […]