Tracy was only fifteen years old when she became pregnant to
a fourteen-year-old in her street. After hearing the news, he disappeared
off the scene almost immediately, as did his family, and left Tracy and
her mother to fend for themselves.

It was Tracy’s mother who phoned us originally, raging at her daughter
and the boy. She was on income support and Tracy was obviously still at

They had lived in a rough area before and had only moved to their present
home seven months previously – Tracy’s mother had hoped that
the new living conditions and new school for Tracy would give them both
a fresh start in life. And then Tracy got pregnant.

We offered to accompany them to the school, which was very understanding
of Tracy’s situation. They assured them of their total cooperation
and a further chance for Tracy to resume her studies eventually.

In addition, we provided everything Tracy needed for the baby’s
arrival, along with a small monthly cash grant until her baby’s
first birthday, to help with the on-going cost of nappies etc.

Tracy’s mum is now delighted to be a granny and looks after Jason
while Tracy goes to college; she wants to be a nursery nurse, and
has plenty of first-hand experience to see her through the course!


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