Joan lived near London, and was initially very distressed when she contacted
us by phone. She lived with her boyfriend and three children, and –
owing to a rare medical condition – she had no idea she was pregnant
until about five months after conception.

The shock of the news, and the sudden anxiety and financial worry of
having another mouth to feed, meant that there were many tearful phone
calls throughout the remaining term of her pregnancy.

David had just been told that his working hours were to be reduced, and,
with the arrival of the new baby, Joan would have to give up (at least
for a while) her child-minding service. In addition, she would have to
work out a system to get the kids back and forward to school.

Both their families lived at quite a distance, and the strain of their
financial pressures was taking its toll on their relationship. David was
a very good man – they just had different ways of dealing with their

The Initiative agreed to provide all the baby essentials, as well as
a financial contribution that would cover their current shortfall. It
didn’t amount to much in the end, but it was enough to let them
see the light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn’t long
before Joan and David settled their differences and a beautiful girl was
born to them on Boxing Day.

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