Carol was four months pregnant with her first child when she
came with her mother to see us. She was thirty-two and lived independently,
although her mother lived close by and was a constant source of support.

Carol had struggled for some ten years with drug addiction, but for the
previous year she had been on methadone, and was doing very well. She
lacked quite a bit of confidence but, with time and patience, she became
more open. She wanted to have her child adopted because, although she
was progressing on the methadone, she hated the thought of going to the
chemist every day with her baby in her arms.

That’s no life for my baby, she said. The trouble with adoption,
however, was that she was afraid it was a selfish thing to do, and that
people would think badly of her. We assured her that, far from being a
selfish act, giving a baby up for adoption can be one of the most loving
and generous things a mother can do; especially for her baby, but
also for the countless childless couples who would give anything to adopt.

Carol came to the office on one more occasion, and we spoke on the phone, after which we put her in touch with the St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society.

She remains a powerful witness to the strength and sacrifice of a mother’s love.

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