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Leslie had been living with her boyfriend for over fifteen years when
he left her. They already had three children and Leslie was expecting
their fourth. She was very unwell throughout her pregnancy and was emotionally
distraught that Jim had left – especially since her Mum, to whom
she had always been very close, had died only the year before.

She would have been the first person to turn to but she was no longer
there, and so she came to us. She had never had to ask anybody for help
before and was deeply embarrassed to look for it now, but an acquaintance
of hers (whom we had helped some years before) persuaded her to get in

She came along to the centre with Leslie on the day of the initial appointment,
to give her a bit of moral support. When she was told that the baby goods
would be delivered to her door, she expressed concern that her neighbours
would know all her business, so we worked out an ‘undercover’
strategy so that total discretion would be assured.

By the time her little baby arrived, a little prematurely, Leslie felt
much stronger, both emotionally and physically, and now she keeps in touch
with us on a regular basis.

She has been back to the centre on several occasions with little Jordan,
and has even helped us here when the mountain of baby clothes gets too

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