Could we ask for urgent prayers for a young couple who have an abortion booked for Thursday.

Please storm the heavens 🙏



St John Ogilvie


Today we celebrate the feast of St John Ogilvie.

St John Ogilvie was born in 1570 to a noble calvinist family in the east of Scotland. At the age of 12 he was sent to Europe to be educated. While in Europe he attended many catholic institutions and by 17 had decided he wanted to be received into the Catholic Church. He then joined the society of Jesus and was ordained a priest in 1610. He served his first few years as a priest in Europe but made repeated request to return to his homeland to serve the few remaining catholics.

In November 1613 he made it back to Scotland in disguise. He preached in secret and celebrated Holy Mass in private houses. He was betrayed in October 1614 and was arrested, imprisoned, and tortured.

On the 10th March 1615 he was found guilty of high treason and was hung that very day at Glasgow cross. After he was pushed from the gallows he threw his rosary into the crowd, according to stories the man who caught the rosary then became a devout Catholic.

St John Ogilvie remains Scotlands only post reformation saint.

St John Ogilvie, pray for us.


Cute Alert!!!


Every corner of our initiative is filled with cute things, today we though we’d share some of our cutest friends !!!


Today we celebrate the memorial of St Katharine Drexel.

St Katharine was born in 1858, the second child of a prominent and wealthy banker. Her mother died 5 weeks after she was born. She received a fantastic educations from private tutors and traveled throughout the USA and Europe. Her entire family were devout in the practice of their faith and every week her stepmother would open their house to the care of the poor.

After witnessing her step mother suffer for 3 year with terminal cancer, Katharine realised that no amount of money could prevent pain and suffering. From then on however she was filled with a passionate love for god and neighbour and was particularly interested the well being of Native Americans.

It quickly became clear to Katharine that more help was needed to help Native Americans. In 1877 she gained a private audience with the pope and asked him for missionaries to help with the work she was funding to support native Americans. The pope looked at her and suggested she should be such a missionary.

She then decided to give herself and her inheritance to the service of African Americans and Native Americans. Taking the name mother Katharine she established a religious congregation called the Sister of the Blessed Sacrament. By the time of her death in 1955 she had over 500 sister teaching in 63 schools and had established 50 missions for Native Americans in 16 states

St Katharine Drexel, pray for us. 

Please support


Some friends in Middlesbrough are setting up a project to help families and parents to be with a baby bank.
Please support them in any way you can !!!



Monthly update




It’s been a busy weekend for us. With Sr Roseann speaking at the SPUC youth conference, her talk was entitled Love begets Life: Crisis pregnancy at the heart of the pro-life movement and Sr Andrea talking in the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh about responding to gender theory with love and compassion.



St Peter Damian


Today we celebrate the memorial of St Peter Damian.

St Peter Damian was born in Ravenna, Italy, in 1007. He was the youngest child of a noble family and, when he was orphaned at an early age, he was adopted by an older brother who treated him more like a servant than a sibling. After several years of mistreatment, another brother had pity on him and took him away to be educated. He was a brilliant pupil and mastered theology and canon law to become a professor by 25.

After a time, Peter decided to leave the world and so enter a hermitage in Italy. By a unanimous vote, it was decided that Peter should take on the abbot’s role in the event of the latter’s death. His extreme reluctance to take on this role led the abbot to make it a matter of obedience.

Peter took on the role of abbot in 1043 and governed with great wisdom and piety: his main priority was to foster in his disciples a spirit of solitude, charity and humility. Pope Stephen IX made him Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia, however Peter constantly requested leave to resign and return to solitude – which was refused.

St Peter Damian is a Doctor of the Church and is known as a great reformer of his time.

St Peter Damian, pray for us


Do yourselves a favour and look at this photography series called After the abortion (#afterthe abortion). We all know about the power of image…. well, each of these images speaks more, much more, than a million words.

What does it tell us? That we are not alone; that the grief is real; that not a single day goes by when we don’t remember the lives that were lost; that more people than we imagine carry a hidden wound that desperately needs to be exposed to the healing touch of Christ.

Here at the Initiative, through the work of Rachel’s Vineyard, we help women and men, of all ages and religious persuasions (or none), to uncover the wound and allow the healing balm in.

As we enter the great season of Lent, let’s pray to the Father of mercies that we will be ever more sensitive to that wound in our brothers and sisters, and be the listening, compassionate ear that they long for, and a beacon of hope. They’ve carried the burden for too long.

If you, or someone you know, has been hurt through their own abortion experience, or that of a family member or friend, please don’t hesitate to contact Sr Andrea on 07816 942 824.

Thank you !!!!


We have been hard at work sorting out our storage room and so we would like to a massive thank yous to all who have helped us along the way.

We would therefore like to thank the Beating Heart Group Linlithgow for there donation towards our new shelves.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers from Glasgow Students for Life for helping us to build the shelves and put the room back together.

Thank you all for your generosity!!!

We have included some pictures so you can all see the progress!!!