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Something which has existed since the beginning, that we have heard, and we have seen with our own eyes; that we have watched and touched with our hands: the Word, who is life – this is our subject. That life was made visible: we saw it and we are giving our testimony, telling you of […]

Born in 1579, John Ogilvie belonged to Scottish nobility. Raised a Calvinist, he was educated on the continent. Exposed to the religious controversies of his day and impressed with the faith of the martyrs, he decided to become a Catholic. In 1596, at age seventeen he was received into the Church at Louvain. Later John attended a variety […]

Ash Wednesday


St Agatha


Agatha’s feast has been celebrated on this day since ancient times.  She was martyred in Catania, Sicily, most likely during the persecution of Decius in 251.  While the details of her life are lost to history, the impact of her sacrifice is attested to by ancient authors.   Agatha is the Latin form of agathos, […]

St John Bosco


Saint John Bosco was born near Castelnuovo in the diocese of Turin in 1815.  His early years were most difficult and so, once ordained to the priesthood, he dedicated himself to the education of the young, founding congregations that would instruct youth in both arts and the Christian life.  He also composed pamphlets for the […]

  St. Thomas Aquinas Feastday: January 28 Died: 1274St. Thomas Aquinas, priest and doctor of the Church, patron of all universities and of students. His feast day is January 28th. He was born toward the end of the year 1226. He was the son of Landulph, Count of Aquino, who, when St. Thomaswas five years old, placed him under the care of the Benedictines of […]

St Kentigern


Saint Kentigern, known as Mungo, was born at Culross in Fife.  The Christian king of Strathclyde welcomed the saint and arranged his consecration as bishop around 540.  His holy example and his preaching drew together a large community known as “Clasgu” (“dear family), which ultimately grew into the town and city of Glasgow. A strong anti-Christian […]

This months Prolife Mass is to be held on 18 March 2015 .  We are in our new premises, Blessed John Duns Scotus.  270 Ballater Street. Gorbals Glasgow.  G5 0YT.  Canon Cunney will be celebrating mass. We start the evening with Exposition at 6pm, and then the Rosary at 7pm with mass at 7.30pm.  Tea and coffee after mass – all […]

Jesus joins the people going out to John the Baptist in the gesture of repentance, not because there is sin in him, but in order to model for us the only authentic way to approach the Father.  He goes to the Baptist as a beggar because the Mystery is mercy.  Jesus surrenders to mercy by […]

 Life of St. Leo the Great: It is regrettable that so little is known about the early life of this man who proved to be such an extraordinary shepherd of the Catholic Church that he came to be known not only as Pope Saint Leo I, but also is one of the only two Popes in two […]