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The BBC had a report online the other day  regarding Marie Stopes clinic concern over the number of repeat abortions women seem to be having in Britain.  They interviewed one particular woman who gave her name as Lisa.  Her tragic story was about the fact she had had 4 abortions in her late teens and early twenties […]

A song of one couple’s journey from misunderstanding of God’s gift of children to a full understanding of the joy and beauty of LIFE.

**taken from** I love Kennadi with all my heart, and that’s the honest-to-God truth. But it’s been a life change for everybody – my whole family…. Everybody’s had to pitch in…. It’s been hard to wrap my mind around having this child when my other children are grown. It’s not fair. She is the absolute […]

We wanted to help publicise a petition organised to defend the Holy See from a evil attack by the U.N.!  Basically, a UN committee called the Committee on the Rights of the Child has told the Catholic Church to get over it’s opposition to unmarried teen sex, use of condoms and abortions.  That it must fall […]

“To dissociate the child from love is, for our species, a methodological error: contraception, which is to make love without making a child; artificial (in vitro) fertilization, which is to make a child without making love; abortion, which is to unmake the child; and pornography, which is to unmake love: all these, to varying degrees, […]

It is always good to be reminded of the teachings of the Catholic Church especially regarding marriage and children.    The  teachings on the indissolubility of marriage is vital if we are to produce stable relationships for the future.  So often we hear about the many reasons why people we know have a break down of […]

  UK:NFP All NFP practitioners in the UK are warmly invited to attend the 2013 UK:NFP Conference.   We are limited to 70 places, so please book your place as early as possible! Natural Family Planning in the UK is delivered by a number of groups, working independently and providing a range of different methodologies and approaches.  This […]

Bear with me on this one, this is a subject close to my heart. You may be wondering well, yes, but what has it got to do with abortion & the prolife movement which this blog loosely posts about? Everything! The problem is that society see children as a burden and a problem if the […]

  Apr 22 Contraception failure leading to abortions PRO-LIFE QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The left loves to present contraception as this wonderful, perfectly harmless way to prevent people from being burdened with children while enjoying all the (frequently) immoral sex they want to. This is, of course, a lie, one of the more monstrous ones […]