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An interview on John Smeatons’ blog  last Friday makes fascinating reading for us in the prolife movement.  It is rare to read of any scientists taking a moral stand against the tide of research which uses aborted foetuses.  Dr Sardella, who is married with a son,  and a child on the way has taken a difficult and […]

How often do we receive well meaning emails or are approached by over eager reps. willing us to run a 5k or a marathon to raise money for breast cancer? It seems to be one of those worthy causes that no one can say a word against.  And rightly so.  However,  supported by solid research, Frances […]

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As many of you will know if you are reading this blog now,  there are many, many blogs out there on the internet but not all are worth reading.  Obviously we hope that you enjoy reading this blog but occasionally a blog is brought to our attention that warrants special contemplation.  Here is one that […]