St Augustine


Today we celebrate the feast of St Augustine

St Augustine didn’t start his life in a saintly way however he experienced such a powerful conversion that not only did he turn his life around but he was so in love with God he was on fire love for him. Check out these quote of his below

“Come, O Lord, and stir our hearts. Call us back to yourself. Kindle your fire in us and carry us away. Let us scent your fragrance and taste your sweetness. Let us love you and hasten to your side” (VIII, 4).

“The message of your Holy Scriptures has set my heart throbbing, O Lord, and with the merger powers that are mine in this life I struggle hard to understand it” (XII, 1).

“You called me; you cried aloud to me; you broke my barrier of deafness…. I tasted you, and now I hunger and thirst for you. You touched me, and I am inflamed with love of your peace” (X, 27).

“O Love ever burning, never quenched! O Charity, my God, set me on fire with your love!” (X, 29).

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